Technology driven for optimum results

We believe in constant up gradation of technologies toe ensure manufacturing methods that yield high output, low labor input and maximum utilization of raw materials and low energy consumption within its process.

Raw material procurement is integral to our efforts to maximize utilization of facilities and minimize the cost of goods. Quality control and quality assurance are also an added benefit in Goodsun’s manufacturing process.

Continuing education, updating the manufacturing technology and installation techniques, as well as introducing new products are all part of our efforts to ensure products that meet customer’s expectations.

Import substitute and First of its kind available in India


Exclusive Design for Hard water application to protect Solar Collector against Scale formation.
Operates on thermosyphonic principle.
No motors and control instruments.
All stainless steel construction (316 grade, Original SALEM)
Simple and intelligent design.
Larger heat transfer area.
Minimum maintenance after longer operative period.
Internally and externally grooved for better efficiency.
Cross flow and vertical flow tubes ensures maximum heat transfer.
Hydraulically and pneumatically tested.
Safest to operate and simplest to maintain

Exclusive Features of Factory made Modular Tanks


1. 304 Grade SS construction. (Genuine and Certified Salem Stainless Steel)
2. Automatic tank rolling System ensures smooth tank formation without any damage to the SS sheet
3. TIG welded with automatic Mechanism to ensure uniform welding.
4. Internal and External Grooves for Extra strength
5. Deep drawn dished ends (SS)
6. Flanged Man hole for safety and easy maintenance
7. High density fire resistant thermal insulation (100 Kg/m3)
8. Aluminum foil protection against erosion for SS tank
9. Positive and negative pressure relief valves
10. SS drain valve
11. Stylish SS/Aluminum outer body
12. SS Turbulence Preventor
13. SS Baffle unit
14. Moulded plastic end covers for easy maintenance and leak proof joints
15. Shortest Stainless Steel and Copper circulating pipes for better efficiency
16. Modular, user friendly and ultra modern constructions
17. Vacuum and Pressure relief valve
18. Designed to pass test as per IS:2082
19. Inbuilt non motorized SS Double jacketed Heat Exchanger with larger heat transfer area ensures lower maintenance and trouble free operation for longer duration.(This applicable only for Heat Exchanger model only)


Above specified tanks are exclusively fabricated in India only by ‘GOODSUN’

Test passed by the Ultra Modular Tank & System

1. Hydraulic Pressure Test
2. Temperature rise test
3. Over load test
4. Moisture resistance test
5. Insulation resistance Test
6. Stability test
7. Mechanical hardness tests
8. Mechanical strength test
9. Components tests
10. Terminal for external conduction
11. Provision for earthing screws and connection
12. Resistance to fire and heat
13. Resistance to rusting
14. Standing heat loss test
15. Solar radiation and system efficiency test
16. Moisture factor test
17. Deviation of dial calibration Test
18. Finish Test : Visual check